Encouraging progress


The Pre-Military Program for Environmental Leadership, Ayanot youth village




The main goal of our pre military program is to cultivate future citizens and leaders who have environmental and social responsibility for developing a sustainable environment wherever they may find themselves – in the army, in Israel society, and beyond Israel’s borders.


Promoting sustainability in Israel is the one of the most pressing challenges facing young people and adults. This challenge requires both personal and collective responsibility and involvement, from each citizen in the country.

The unique nature of Ayanot, its ecology, central geographic location, unique history, and varied population, are ideal conditions for the development of a pre-military program for environmental leadership. The pre-military program at Ayanot is aimed to youth who are interested in taking responsibility and being partners in the building of a better society; one that encourages mutual responsibility, involvement, and integrity.
The target population is focused on 40 young people that are interested in taking responsibility and being partners in the building of a better sustainable society in Israel.
Therefore, the target audience will integrate between youth from disadvantaged populations, graduates of youth villages and other dormitory settings.
On the other hand, youth – graduates of regular high schools that are interested in the field of ecology and sustainability
The program will integrate between:
1. An Educational experiential program, focusing on challenges facing Israel – socially and environmentally including issues such as- sustainability, democracy, Judaism, Zionism and the Israeli society.
2. A Physical and emotional  preparation for the IDF
3. Hands on civil involvement in the community.
4. Sustainable community living- Experiencing independently managing community life in the program sustainably
A major part of the program includes outdoor experiences, activities, navigation and more in the natural Israeli rich landscape and the people living in it.

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