Areas of activities

Encouraging Social Entrepreneurship

areas of activities

Encouraging our fellows

Encouraging our Fellows

By giving we renew ourselves. We put our energy helping the grief-stricken in financial straits, mending lives strained by loss and need, clearing up darkened horizons, easing tensions pressuring daily lives. By giving we give of ourselves, and by giving of ourselves we encourage others. We walk with them hand in hand on a stretch of the road. For too short a while, unfortunately. Together with all those who join us to redistribute what was given. Perhaps by chance; for sure to share. With the hope that today’s recipients will be tomorrow’s donors and will pass on the value of giving…and if they don’t, their descendants will. The Matanel Foundation shares in this beautiful tradition that has more in common with distributive justice than with almsgiving.

Encouraging progress

Encouraging Progress

Nobody knows what crosses the mind of the bored pupil sitting on his school bench, gaping. Perhaps he is still dreaming? Nobody knows what he is dreaming about, and in overcrowded classrooms, more often than not, nobody thinks of asking him. And yet, it would only take a pedagogic key to convince this pupil that he has the potential to make progress and fulfill his dream; and no educator is released from the duty of finding this key. The Matanel Foundation aims at helping find that key and uncover that potential in adults and children alike, in working class environments and in universities as well. The Matanel Foundation offers scholarships to pupils, students, and researchers. It particularly supports directors selected with great care by giving them the means of preventing financial problems to come in the way of education, of encouraging the most deserving pupils, and of fostering the instruction of Social Studies, which are essential in leading a good life.

Encouraging creativity and culture

Encouraging Creativity and Culture

Dreaming again. Dreaming of creating a better world, of composing our own hymn, of writing our own book, of contributing our share to a never-ending creation. The seed of creativity can be found in each of us, but few are those who cultivate it, and even fewer are those who reap and share the fruits of their labor. The latter need encouraging to carry on and surpass themselves so that together we can ensure everyone’s access to culture, without which songs don’t lull us, walls remain empty, minds are void of libraries. So that together we can minimize the risk of confinement in a single culture that would be cut off from the others and would prevent us from listening to the songs of the world.

Encouraging faith

Encouraging Faith

God involves a question, an answer, a question again and quite often that question takes the shape of a prayer. We pray because we need it and because we have to; because we are searching for meaning. There are countless reasons for praying but we do not always find the worship leaders when we need them. There is a dearth of spiritual mediators, of spiritual guides, of rabbis for us Jews, of imams, of priests, of monks. The Matanel Foundation particularly cares about strengthening the rabbis’ status and role in the Jewish communities throughout Europe by providing them with means ensuring their happiness through the success of their ritual and spiritual work.