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Beit Midrash Derech Chaim




Beit Midrash Derech Chaim seeks to enable the transition of Chareidi (Ultra-Orthodox) students towards full integration into Israeli society, through academic study and IDF service, leading to gainful employment and the ability to significantly contribute to the development of the State of Israel. Graduates will thus present a new model of Chareidi Judaism, who will build bridges to connect to all elements of Israeli society.


Beit Midrash Derech Chaim is a post high school four year University level program. In the first 2 years, the students undergo an intensive course of Torah study during the day and academically recognized computer studies in the evenings. Torah studies are focused on the creation of a Talmudic scholar imbued with a love for all elements of modern Israeli society. Instruction centers on the need to retain the unique values of their Chareidi upbringing while learning acceptance, tolerance and understanding towards others. Academic studies are geared towards a degree in Computer Sciences with a specialty in Cyber Defense.
In year’s 3 and 4 students will serve in the IDF Intelligence and Technology units, using the skills they have gained towards defense of their country while gaining valuable work experience.
Upon completion of their studies and army service, students will be equipped for a successful transition into the work force, and be fully prepared and motivated to contribute significantly to Israeli society.

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