The Matanel


The Matanel Foundation, granted to give, encourages social entrepreneurship in all over the world. She has a Council of Advisers constituted, among others, from:

Amor Samy Certified Public Accountant, Auditor
Bouganim Ami Philosopher, Writer
Lalou Jean-Claude Former Diplomat
Mamane Lionel Mathematician and Doctor in Computer Sciences
Sabbah Samuel Insurance Agent, Director of the Sabbah Foundation
Rijckeghem Van, Willy Economist

The Board of Directors notably includes:

Aflalo Joëlle Founding Member
Boukobza Gad Founding Member
Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz Even Israel Educator, Philosopher, Talmudist Israel Prize for Education

The Matanel Foundation’s Scientific Committee is composed of rabbis, researchers, and academics; seven members sit on its Management and Resource Allocation Committee.

Mail Address: mail AT