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Generation of the Future : Children of the Access for All program that study at the Tel Aviv University for Youth

To substantiate the familiarity with the University among the families and to open, for the young generation, gates of awareness and aspirations to higher education and success and to increase the circles of influence of the Access for All program through involvement of the children in the process change undergone by the parents.

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News from Jewish Brain in Hightech (JBH)

Jewish Brain in High-Tech (Formerly Avratech)

Yaakov just had his fifth child. He lives in Beitar, a city outside of Jerusalem. He wears traditional Hasidic garb. When Yaakov was 25 years old, he began his path to support his family. First, he enrolled in a “mechina,” a preparatory studies program, at a leading college. After completing a year of preparatory studies, he started studying computer science, which took him 3 and 1/2 years. During the time that Yaakov was studying, his family struggled financially.

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Ethics of the fathers

This beautiful illustrated book is a multi-language version of “The Ethics of the Fathers”, combining the traditional text in eight languages:
Hebrew, Arabic,Russian, Chinese,French, Italian, Spanish, English . Illustrated by artists from all around the world.

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