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Straus-Amiel, Ohr Torah Stone: The Jewish World Post-Covid – Virtual International Conference for Shlichim


תוכניה באנגלית שער


To provide an appropriate response to the growing need of communities looking for relevant, sensitive and suitable Orthodox spiritual leadership.

We seek to meet communities’ needs in training and providing religious leadership to lead their communities, ensuring the survival and flourishing of Jewish communities through the strengthening of Jewish identity and experience.


Each year, power couples train at Ohr Torah Stone’s Straus-Amiel Institute; rabbis and educators, husbands and wives, to serve as professional spiritual, religious and educational leaders in Diaspora communities. These young leaders graduate with the tools needed for them to have a positive impact on Jewish life in synagogues, schools, university campuses, community centers and more. They bring with them a warm and embracing Judaism combined with the personal touch that is wanted, warranted and asked for by communities the world over.

The Amiel Institute comprises different component programs, all sharing the same underlying goal – the desire to ensure the continuation and flourishing of vibrant Jewish life, proud of its heritage and identity. The graduates serve in various capacities, providing programming, study opportunities, pastoral care, a welcoming home, guidance and much more.

The contact with the institute does not end with the signing of the contract, but continues throughout the tenure of the couple abroad. The institute is an address for any question or dilemma – whether in the field of Halacha, education, ethics, Jewish thought and even logistics. The guidance is given by phone, through e-mails, visits of staff to the communities, our Facebook page and in-service training provided during regional conventions.

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