Encouraging our fellows


A scholarship of Empowerment, Marom


Marom-Photo of the Project


We believe that the key to self-fulfillment and successful integration in society lies in accumulating positive experiences, raising self-esteem and cultivating the belief that nothing stands in the way of desire


“Marom” high school (grades 10-12) provides individual attention to the needs of each student and lessons are conducted in small groups of 12 students per class, 3 classes in each level. The small groups allow each student to advance according to his/her pace and ability. The school and the staff, are dedicated to the needs of the students and aim to provide each one with the foundation for independent study and investigation. The students are encouraged to develop their interests and talents and to pursue original thinking patterns and ideas. The intimate study environment facilitates this and contributes to the formation of mutual respect and cooperation between the students and teachers and among the students themselves. The classes are dynamic, student focused and geared to achieving success in the matriculation exams and to opening opportunities for academic studies.

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