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Publication of Prof. Paul Mendes-Flohr’s book: “Orientalism and mysticism”


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The vision of this project is to explore the complex relationship between Jewish identity, spirituality, and the intellectual and cultural currents of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Supporting the publication of Prof. Paul Mendes-Flohr’s groundbreaking work “Orientalism and Mysticism,” aims to promote a deeper understanding of the Jewish experience and the enduring significance of spirituality and identity in an increasingly globalized and interconnected world. The project’s main objective is to contribute to the preservation and promotion of Jewish cultural heritage while stimulating meaningful dialogue and collaboration across diSerent communities.


Blima Books, the publishing house responsible for the publication of “Orientalism and Mysticism,” is dedicated to producing high-quality works that contribute to the understanding and appreciation of Jewish thought, culture, and history. Through the publication of this book, Blima Books aims to further its mission of promoting intellectual inquiry and fostering a greater understanding of the Jewish experience.

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