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Tenufa Bakehila – Building Hope | Mobile repair workshop for senior citizens


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Tenufa Bakehila’s aims to overcome the extreme level of housing poverty in Israel in which thousands of people – older adults, Holocaust survivors, people with disabilities, children, and more – subsist with no running water, without functioning kitchens, with broken showers and toilets, hazardous electricity, and mold-ridden walls. We work to ensure that every individual lives in dignity in a home that is safe, sanitary, and nurturing.


Since 2014, Tenufa Bakehila’s repair teams have renovated the homes of underprivileged Israelis on a daily basis, changing the lives of hundreds of families every year. Home after home, family after family, day after day, we create changes in the lives of children, elderly, Holocaust survivors, single parents, people with disabilities, people with physical and mental illness, soldiers and immigrants. Tenufa Bakehila renovates apartments and homes to address the most desperate housing situations in Israel, ensuring that disadvantaged individuals can live in dignity, in safe, hygienic, and nurturing homes, and to help them use repair of their physical home as a catalyst for improved quality of life.
In Israel today, Tenufa Bakehila is the only organization responding to this problem on a large-scale basis.
The project supported by the Matanel Foundation includes making urgent and necessary light repairs in homes of 250 elderly people and Holocaust survivors, in peripheral towns and neighborhoods across Israel. The repairs may include: repairing broken kitchen cabinets, repairing electrical systems, repairing leaky roofs, replacing water heating systems, replacing doors and windows, treating walls against mold and repairing and painting walls.

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