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Walking the Bessarabian Roads of Death


    Cepeleuti monument


The project idea is to digitalize information about the Roads of Death to Transnistria.

Target population: officials, diplomats, journalists, researchers, teachers, Universities & schools students, Jewish community members.


1) to commemorate Holocaust in Moldova in the form of a virtual tour,

2) to struggle with ethnic or religious intolerance, with anti-Semitism and denying Holocaust,

3) to contribute to the Yad Vashem exhibition about Moldova.


Our organization is one of the leading Jewish structures in Moldova with a great experience, professional resources, and wide local and international relations. We are the unique members of the AEPJ from our republic and are part of the governmental Agency of Interethnic Relations. During the last 4 years, we won grants and successfully realized the projects with HIAS, Embassies of Germany, Italy, Sweden, USA, Claims Conference, Ministry of Culture of Moldova, Yad Vashem, E. Wiesel Institute for Holocaust Studies (Romania), Yael Foundation (Israel), The Mozaic Fund (Canada), etc.

The main directions of the organization activities include Jewish traditions, holidays, synagogue keeping, non-formal education for kids and teens, retreats, memorial programs including dedicated to the Holocaust, keeping Jewish heritage of the region, etc.

We conducted events and programs dedicated to the Holocaust theme on the highest republican level in Chisinau and Tiraspol. In 2022-23, we realized a similar project on creating virtual tours on the Jewish places of interest in five cities and towns of Moldova. The topic is rather actual and supported by the local authorities and we are sure in our strong cooperation with them.

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