Encouraging creativity and culture


Centre culturel et universitaire du Val-De-Marne


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The major concepts of our project:
It is a space open to all and intended for culture.Its aim is to enable the establishment of a non-exclusive dialogue between all the components of Judaism.
Finally, the Cultural Center beyond the Jewish community has an ambition for the city as a whole: to open the heritage of Jewish civilization to society as a whole.

– Plurality of stakeholders
They are chosen without ideological restrictions, by virtue of their intellectual skills alone in a broad openness

– Plurality of audiences
who meet in debates and study circles with participants from all walks of life, to share an experience based on interactivity and the free flow of speech.

– Plurality of content
where all the subjects that interest our audience can find their place. The dual mission of transmission and expression of culture constitutes a considerable challenge for the future of our center. It is about recognizing two legitimate but often opposing aspirations: the
desire to know, to know, to study, to be informed on the one hand and the desire to express oneself, to transmit on the other hand.


The challenge :
– Promote cultural enrichment
– Promote cultural expression

This department will organize
– annual interventions – debates, round tables
– An annual conference
– A musical concert
– Film Festival
– 2 monthly cultural meetings

. LIMOUD: Espace Emmanuel CHOUCHENA
Text studies on the fundamental texts of Judaism
Bible – Mishnah – Jewish thought – Talmud – Parsha – Philosophy

In partnership with Paris XII Créteil On the threshold of this new year, our university
center will open its courses on the plural faces of the civilization of Judaism, without exclusion,without taboos, without censorship, without unknown domain.
The challenge we have launched is that of high-level university education. Perhaps the prelude to the birth of the future Jewish university of Val-de-
Marne, under the sponsorship of PARIS XII.
Our project is that of an authentic secular and plural university community, on a human scale. In this center of warm conviviality, teachers, all university
professors, researchers specializing in all thematic fields can dialogue with students of Biblical History,psychoanalysis at Midrash, Hebrew Law, a high-level panorama scientist.
We have already secured the collaboration of University Professors:
. Alexis Lacroix (University of Lille)
. Franklin Ravsky (University of Strasbourg)
. Emmanuel Hirsch (Director of the AP HP ethics space)

Language teaching is essential and essential today. Lessons by approved teachers will be provided at three levels: beginner, false beginner, advanced.
This will involve 66 hours of teaching for the year, in collaboration with the OSM.

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