Testimonial Aman Family – scholarship for Ethiopian student


Aman Family

Matanel Scholarships for young students from Ethiopian backgrounds

I would like to express my appreciation to you for your assistance with school fees for our daughter Liel Aman, who is studying at the Center for Gifted Students at Kineret Academic College.

Thanks to you Liel has been given the oportunity to advance and spread her wings educationally, something which would not have been possible because of our lack of financial resources.

We would also like to favorably note Mr.Gershon Dasateh, who has acompanied us from the very beginning.

Thank you your willingness to be such an involved and sensitive partner in all aspects of our daughter’s advancement, and for opening befire her the oportunity to meet new people at “Watch Me” on Channel 23 with Avri Gilad.

I it comforting to know that ther are “good people” along the way” who are paving the way for a better future for our children.

Thank you

The Aman Family Shira and Abai

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