Testimonial 4th retreat – SHEKEL- Inclusion for People with Disabilities

Erez Ezrachi

Testimonial 4th retreat - A thank you letter from SHEKEL

The 4th Matanel Retreat 2018

Dear Ami and Johanna,

Kol Hakavod on Matanel’s Fourth Retreat in which we had the honor and privilege to participate last Thursday!

We were very impressed by the vast array of diverse programs advancing such original projects from all across Israel. It was humbling indeed to see how one foundation can reach so many trailblazing projects, whether they be in the academic, pre-elementary, vocational, socio-educational, developmental, or musical spheres.

Gad and Joelle spoke of the “Matanel Family” and we were so proud to have become a part of this amazing family of people so devoted to the betterment of Israeli society. Thank you so much for inviting us to take part!

In gratitude and friendship,

Binyamin and Erez

SHEKEL- Inclusion for People with Disabilities

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