Technoda Haredi science center newsletter summer 2019

Dr. Gadi Mador

Technoda Haredi science center newsletter summer 2019

Charedi Science Center

Dear Joƫlle,

I hope you are well.

With the end of the school year, I would like to give you a glimpse of one of our special program we had at the Technoda. During this year we had 3000 visits of children and youth from the ultra-Orthodox community.

The program enables us to expose these young students to a new and unfamiliar world for them- world of science and Technology. Throughout the schedule, the groups visited our Science Museum as well as the outdoor Science park and took part in the various challenging tasks such as “Escape Park” (based on an ‘escape room’ format) as well as different workshops in our Medical Simulation Unit where they learned about certain topic and using the equipment.

In the “smoking damages” workshop, they learned about the medical damage caused by smoking, using an x-ray simulator. This unique program is designed especially for the ultra-Orthodox community as part of our vision to narrow the gaps in the Israeli population through exposing them to science and Technology using unique and advanced methods. This vision, eventually, will provide an opportunity to emerge from the cycle of poverty for a better future.

These important programs are generously funded by the “Matanel” Foundation and other generous partners.

Haredi Youth Study Science at Technoda Hadera

In the picture: “Liora Natan” School on their visit at Technoda Hadera

I would like to wish you a pleasant summer and will continue to update you later,

Dr. Gadi Mador

Executive Director

Technoda Science and Technology Education Center

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