News from Na Lagaat center during Covid-19 crisis


News from Na Lagaat center during Covid-19 crisis

Nalagaat Center

To our dear partners,

I hope you are doing well during these difficult times.

In Israel, as in the rest of the world, adjustments needs to be made in order to accommodate the new situation we are encountering.

My family and I are also adjusting, and we have built new routines, under Covid-19 constraints, at home.

Na Lagaat center, like all other entertainment centers, has been temporarily closed as instructed by the Israeli Ministry of Health, until further notice. All employees are on leave for at least a month, hoping to get back to work soon and start preparation of upcoming activities, in order to get back to normality as soon as possible.

During those days we are working on few projects that will enable to strengthen the Na Lagaat vision, to increase awareness to blindness and deafness and ensure employment and economic security to our people:

– Online designer shop for deaf and blind designers

– Online sign language course, to be led by a deaf tutor

– Development of new courses for next school year

It is very important for me to share with you our activities also during these days, so we could preserve our relationship. Especially considering an organization like ours, that does not have too many resources, and any impact on the cash flow could devastately harm the organization.

These times are defining us as a united, compassionate and supportive society, and your support will empower the organizational strength now, and post Covid-19 times.

I would like to thank you personally for your belief in Na Lagaat, and hence allowing us to continue, create, and preserve equality dialog that acts every day to minimize the gaps in our society, by creating uncompromised art!

Israel and the world are undergoing difficult times, but I am confident that together we will be able to overcome it, and continue with our incredibly important social work.

I will keep updating you with any new details, and would be happy to hear about you.

Attached please find a presentation that was made by the Na Lagaat employees, while at home.

Best regards


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