News from Kaima Farm

Kaima Farm

News from Kaima Farm

Kaima Organic Farm

Dear Joelle, Gad, Ami, and Johanna,

How are you? How has your summer been?

Here, on Kaima Farm, it’s been non-stop action as we maintain pace with our ongoing intensive youth employment initiative and agricultural business; expand our new vegetable donation program, Feed My Neighbor; and prepare to launch our new residential program, Safe Living. Even with COVID still rampant, we still see abundance and opportunity all around us. Let me share a story that illustrate this:

A personal triumph

A few weeks ago, the Kaima community bid goodbye to eight youth ready to leave Kaima for the army or national service. These boys and girls were with us for at least six months and some up to two years. A word about how our farewell encounters work – we gather in the evening, after the workday is done, to share a meal, gifts, and thoughts. Inevitably, the ceremony lasts hours as program “graduates” reflect deeply on their experiences and share personal dreams moving forward.

One of our recent farewells was particularly meaningful. Adam (not his real name) had been with us for 18 months during the worst time of his life. He was depressed, withdrawn, socially awkward, and had been out of school for two and a half years. In time, with patience, Adam began to flourish on the farm. He asked himself meaningful questions; overcame many personal demons; and took on new challenges, even becoming one of our agricultural managers and a “big brother” to newcomers. He leaves us a brave young man, better equipped to meet the next challenges of life which will include national service, not something previously on his radar.

I am so appreciative to each person who helped overcome the latest challenge and to the Matanel Foundation for always being by our side.

Wishing you and your family a Shana Tova, a happy and healthy New Year,


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