Negev Rising – Mitzpe Ramon Perah Zahav program

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Arnon Stein about the Perah Zahav program in Mitzpe Ramon

Negev Rising- Mitzpe Ramon, Israel

Dearest Joel, Gad, Ami & Johannah,
I hope all is well.

A few days ago we had the most moving gathering of our volunteer students towards the end of the year. Not all the volunteers were able to come, but the majority made the effort and enjoyed an uplifting experience.

The volunteers shared with each other their touching stories and struggles from their experience in the “Perach Zahav Matanel” project and drew strength and ideas from each other.
It is apparent how meaningful the project is for the elderly and not less, for the students.
Some relayed that they are the only ones to walk into their elderly’s house! Besides for their visit during the week, the senior is all alone and eagerly awaits the students visit- almost the only time he’ll turn on the light in the house.
Some of them have not left their house in years!

A few married students shared with the group, how they take their child with them to visit their senior, who is so enlightened by the child and sees him as their own grandchild. I was so moved hearing this. How a simple connection between people, neighbors, can bring so much life! So much good to the world!

Thank you for making this happen!
We are truly grateful for your essential partnership!

We will, of course, send you a descriptive program report in due time, but in the meantime, I couldn’t hold back my excitement.

With much gratitude,
Arnon Stein
Negev Rising – Mitzpe Ramon

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