Mechinat Rabin news during war


Mechinat Rabin (SV22)

Matanel Solidarity Vouchers

I hope this message finds you well. On behalf of Mechinat Rabin – Hechalutz, we extend our deepest gratitude for your generous donation from the emergency fund. Your support is truly invaluable, and we appreciate the recognition of our continuous efforts to serve our community. Attached, you’ll find a file containing participant testimonials and photos as requested. I hope these will help illustrate our recent activities effectively.

Yuval Katz, from Mechinat Rabin, originally from Kidron:
In the past three weeks, I volunteered at the “Helping Others” soup kitchen in Afula. There, we worked in teams with people with special needs and distributed warm meals to those in need. Volunteering was very meaningful in the war because we could provide both the workers and those in need with a routine support and the most basic need – food. The place was busier than usual, and I am glad that we managed to bring smiles to many people even in these complex times.

Ella Galai from Mechinat Rabin, originally from Jerusalem:
Following the war, as part of the Mechina, I volunteered in the education of children from Kibbutz Gevim who were evacuated from the Gaza envelope to Kibbutz Mizra. The children left their homes to a place without any framework and organized life, and we were there to give them as much normalcy as possible. We went with them every day to a field school which we helped the Kibbutz organize, and conducted various activities for them every afternoon. In addition to our activities, many NGOs came to the kibbutz and organized peak days and experiences – throughout all these, we accompanied the children so they would have a constant and close familiar figure around them.

Shiri Zax, a participant in the second year of the Mechinat Rabin program in Haifa, originally from Modi’in:
When we realized that the routine would not go as planned, we decided that we had to immediately engage in the struggle for the return of those kidnapped by Hamas. Along with the nationwide HQ in Tel Aviv, we began organizing field activities, ranging between hanging signs to distributing yellow ribbons identified with the struggle. We organized a rally with hundreds of participants in Haifa, where the families of the hostages spoke. We continued with various actions and led dialogue meetings, to stand in solidarity with the families and join the call to bring them home now.

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