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Matanel Solidarity Vouchers

Dear Staff and trustees of the Matanel Foundation,
I hope this letter fi nds you well. On behalf of everyone at Meitarim Lachish Pre-Army Academies, I want to express our deepest gratitude for your generous donation to our organization. Your support is a testament to your commitment to fostering the growth and development of the next generation of Israeli leaders. Your contribution plays a vital role in enabling us to continue our mission of nurturing young individuals in their journey towards a strong Jewish-Zionist-Israeli identity. At Meitarim Lachish, we believe in the transformative power of education, and your support allows us to provide a unique opportunity for secular and religious high school graduates to dedicate a year to study, observation, and preparation for their military service. In the current challenging times, with many people from the outskirts of the Gaza Strip evacuated from their homes due to the ongoing confl ict, the role of Meitarim Lachish Pre-Army Academies becomes even more crucial. I am pleased to share that your donation is directly supporting our efforts to assist and stand in solidarity with the affected communities. Your generosity allows us to extend our reach and provide essential support during these diffi cult times. Our pre-army academies, located on the outskirts of the Gaza Strip, embody our pioneering idea of combining in-depth education with practical experiences. Your donation contributes directly to the success of our programs, allowing us to guide and empower young leaders who will go on to serve meaningfully in the IDF. Your belief in our mission inspires us to work tirelessly towards strengthening community resilience and stability in the communities on the outskirts of the Gaza Strip, especially during these challenging times. We are dedicated to promoting the values on which the Israeli state was founded, and your support enables us to facilitate the development of a common cultural language that bridges gaps and fosters understanding. Once again, thank you for your generous donation. Your commitment to our cause propels us forward, and we are honored to have you as a valued supporter of Meitarim Lachish Pre-Army Academies. We look forward to keeping you updated on the impact of your contribution and invite you to visit us whenever you can to witness fi rsthand the positive changes your support helps us achieve.
With heartfelt gratitude, Meitarim Lachish Pre-Army Academies

Since the outbreak of the war, the atmosphere at the pre-army academy of Meitarim
Lachish has undergone a significant transformation. The usual routine, concentrating on
studying, educational series, and volunteering for the community, has been replaced by a
dynamic schedule dictated by the needs of the hour.
Our dedicated trainees now spend their days actively supporting various fronts that
urgently require assistance.
At the Beit Govrin branch, approximately 50 trainees recently completed a full week of
around-the-clock assistance in numerous locations:
🌸 They served as an auxiliary force for the Beit Govrin Kibutz education system
🌸 Acted as babysitters for families with enlisted parents.
🌸 Continued their unwavering support for ‘Kfar Shimon,’ a life house for individuals with
🌸 Assisted local farmers by picking pomegranates and avocados.
🌸 Cleaned and prepared apartments for evacuees in Kiryat Gat.
🌸 Contributed to the clearing, painting, and preparation of shelters in various cities.
Two days ago, some mothers from the kibbutz visited the Mechina, bringing with them two
boxes filled with sweets and heartfelt blessings and gratitude for the invaluable help
provided to the kibbutz. The trainees were deeply moved and touched by this gesture.
As our trainees continue to demonstrate adaptability and a willingness to serve, we’re
reminded of the crucial role they play. Together, we stand strong.

The Dorot branch trainees were divided into two groups. Half the trainees were
evacuated along with the Kibbutz Dorot to Ramat Rachel and the other half are currently
staying evacuees in a hotel at the Dead Sea. There, they provide around-the-clock
support and companionship to the evacuated children.
On November 7th, the Kisufim community conducted a ceremony marking one month
since the tragic day. The trainees’ efforts were particularly meaningful, enabling the adults
to participate in the ceremony.
Here are the words of one of the trainees:
“Yesterday, we were part of a profoundly significant, somber, and touching event. The
Kisufim community conducted a ceremony in memory of all the kibbutz victims and prayed
for the safe return of all kibbutz abductees. Six trainees from the pre-army academy were
given the task of looking after the children while the adults attended the ceremony. This
ensured that the ceremony remained as respectful and continuous as possible.
We were honored to be a part of the ceremony and show our respect and support for the
Kissufim community during their most challenging moments.”

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