Matanel Perah Zahav Musrara – Testimonial Ayelet Rotman


Ayelet Rotman & Yedida

Musrara – Matanel Perach Zahav

Ayelet Rotman, a Phototherapy Dept. student tells about her relationship with Yedida:
The meetings take place in Yedidia’s warm and inviting home. A cup of tea and cookies open the meeting, a conversation about the moshav Beqoa, stories and updates of those who celebrated what, who passed away, about the conduct of people with letters, and the topic of receiving mail- Yedida is the mail woman of the moshav. Issues about the history of the moshav also come up every time. Yedida is a veteran of the moshav, a widow, with children and grandchildren.
After a pleasant conversation, we switch to the computer. I teach Yedida to use the computer and surf the Internet- Each time a bit more and a bit more practice. The computer world intimidates Yedida , thus she asked me to aid her and befriend her with this world and introduce her to the various services that can be managed via the internet. The meetings are interesting, we are friendly and it is nice for us to meet. Yedida is Yemenite, with a certain kind of accent and melody, with a good spirit. I Feel that there is a good vibe in our meetings.
She is a widow from the age of 40. Her husband was killed in a car accident. She talks a lot about it. At the same time, she is very vital and full of joy. Her daughter-in-law, also a widow (her son also passed away), lives in her yard in a housing unit. They are not in good terms-Yedida talks a lot about this difficulty. Yedida feels when “unloading her burden” via the conversation with me. She also tells proudly about her relationship with me to all the neighbors. I feel that the main meaning of the relationship for Yedida is that there is someone who can contain her- In her relationship with her family she mainly gives a helping hand. In the connection with me there is a role reversal- Instead of giving she is receiving. She says it’s not self-evident to her. I also enjoy our connection and think our relationship is fruitful and pleasant.

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