Kaima Beerotaim during covid crisis

Irith Shevach

News from Kaima Beerotaim farm during Covid 19 crisis

Kaima Beerotaim Farm

Dear friends and partners,

In the past two months, we have all been through a particularly challenging period, to say the least, where we have been committed to far-reaching systemic and personal changes. The farm’s adult staff has understood that routine must be maintained in every way possible to meet the educational goals that are the basis of the farm’s activities. The events and workshops booked a few months in advance, restaurant orders and schools were all canceled, we realized that funds accompanying the farm would not be able to give us a hand in the near future and that all of our financial commitments to suppliers must be fully fulfilled. Therefore, we gave a leave notice to two of our adults, we reduced our purchases and canceled future development plans. In the harsh winter weather we also lost our greenhouse.

Alongside all this, we were blessed with a young and adult team, the number of customers increased, we changed the composition of the basket and increased our income, had an exceptional presence and sympathy in the media and set out for a Headstart project with the support of the Emek Hefer Council and met our target. I would like to say with a slight thrill that we are able to maintain budget balance and are already looking forward to new challenges.

Kaima Beerotaim’s team wishes you all a Happy Shavuot Holiday and thank you for being there for us all the way !!!

Irit Shevach

Kaima Beerotaim

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