IASA news during Covid19 crisis


IASA - news update during COVID 19 crisis

IASA-Guatemala School

Dear Joelle and Gad,

I want to share with you the good news that the IASA-Guatemala middle school students returned to class last week!

After 2 months, teachers, students, and staff joyfully reunited in the school. Principal Anat Maoz spent two full days preparing the faculty to teach in the new reality, as well as to address the emotional and psychological needs students may have developed during this time.

The school underwent a thorough disinfection and reorganization to ensure maximum hygiene and social distancing.

During the corona school closures, the middle school continued a full schedule of carefully designed distance learning. The teachers, principal, and guidance staff worked together to make sure the students had meaningful classes, social activities, and daily support and interaction to help them through a very unsettling time.

The students’ parents were wonderfully supportive. Here are a few examples of the constant stream of encouraging emails Anat received:

“It is so clear that you have put immense thought into how to achieve the most during this challenging time. The distance learning at IASA is truly a model for all other schools. Our daughter is busy, learning, and progressing even during this time. Yashar koach on incredible work. Wishing you the best and hoping for better days.”

“Thank you for your very detailed email keeping us updated. I want to take the opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the dedicated and excellent work you and the teaching team are doing. We feel so lucky that Amir is studying in a wonderful, serious, empathetic school, and is also learning about himself through this complex time.”

“I don’t have enough words to express how amazing Hallel’s homeroom teacher is. What patience, empathy, dedication, and connection with the kids he has! Absolutely amazing.”

Thank you to you and the Matanel Foundation for your critical contribution to the success the school has achieved in just 4 years. I look forward to the opportunity of inviting you here and meeting you, hopefully in the not-too-distant future.



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