Encouraging progress


Yitzhak Rabin Pre-Army Leadership Academy (Mechinat Rabin), Hadar Haifa Branch




To engage young Israelis as activists in marginalized communities, in ways that empower them towards leadership and advance the humanistic values of Tikkun Olam towards and equitable Jewish and democratic Israeli society.


Mechinat Rabin Hadar is located in the Hadar neighborhood of Haifa, a neighborhood that is in social economic distress. Participating high-school graduates spend a year living communally in an urban setting, studying and experiencing their Jewish heritage and Zionism, developing leadership potential and performing tikkun olam. Our objectives are:

To provide for the development of Jewish Israeli identity based on exposure to a spectrum of possibilities for expression and to deepen the connection between participants and their Jewish culture and roots.

To provide an educational structure for young people with leadership potential in forging their identities and Jewish commitment.

To provide frameworks for participants to explore and experience their leadership potential through meaningful community service projects.

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