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Workforce Development for People with ASD


מחישוב לשילוב


We aspire to offer children with Autism with the best diagnostic and therapeutic services. The organization focuses on identifying developmental risk factors in early childhood and providing treatment and assistance to children at-risk and their families through rehabilitative day care centers and therapeutic kindergartens throughout the country, from Kiryat Shmona to Eilat. Our services are offered across Israel, regardless of ethnicity or denomination.


The Workforce Development for People with ASD is a multi-year, vocational training program for adults with Autism over the age of 18. The program is in cooperation with the BDO Academy of Finance and it will provide young adults with Autism accredited bookkeeping workforce development.

The pilot will include approximately 15 participants. We aim to add 20 additional participants each year. Year 1 will include vocational studies: participants will have 3-4 days a week of training; 1.5 days will focus on vocational training; 1.5-2 days will be devoted to life skills; and there will be an option for those interested in leisure activities in the afternoons and on weekends. The second year will focus on workforce placement ensuring not only employment but also successful integration and retention. A workforce coordinator will conduct weekly visits to worksites and once a week there will be peer group meeting in the afternoons. Individual emotional support will provided if necessary. Starting from the third year onward, participants will be able to choose a reduced form of accompaniment in the place of employment and will continue to benefit from social and leisure activities. The participants will enjoy the mentorship of a therapist for their emotional and social needs.

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