Encouraging progress


Women Creating their own Future, Israel


Haya Hadad


To put an end to the ever-increasing poverty levels in Israel and create a better, more just society, by leading thousands of underprivileged women and their families to economic independence and prosperity. Lead Israel to become a “start-up nation” not only in high-tech but first and foremost in micro-entrepreneurship.


Yozmot Atid is changing Israeli society and reducing poverty levels by helping thousands of underprivileged women, from throughout Israel and from all sectors of Israeli society, establish, operate and sustain successful businesses. These businesses provide income and livelihood to thousands of poor families, save money for the Israeli government, which is otherwise spent on welfare support; and contribute millions of dollars each year to the Israeli economy. Yozmot Atid is the only organization or program in Israel to provide a FULL set of tools and resources, which are required to establish and successfully operate a small business, including: business training, micro-financing, personal mentoring, legal, financial and marketing support, networking and others. As a result, Yozmot Atid has shown phenomenal success and has already enabled 950 women to establish and manage their own businesses. Yozmot Atid will continue to establish 1,000 small businesses each year, thus creating a powerful cadre of female entrepreneurs and leaders. These are unprecedented achievements, which have the potential to truly transform Israeli society.

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