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Warm Homes for teenage girls


    Warm Homes for teenage girls


The Warm Home, a therapeutic day center for girls in distress, addresses the specific problems of teenage girls (ages 13-21), with special attention to those from immigrant families or minority groups. These problems include conflict with the family and unstable social relations that lead to dropping-out from school, street-loitering, and in extreme cases, deterioration into self-damaging behavior, drug abuse and prostitution.


Following the Second Lebanon War in the summer of 2006, the Rashi Foundation was joined by a number of partners to implement a focused relief effort to create the Northern Recovery Plan : a multi-year, multi-focused, multi-partnered project that was concerned with improving education and social welfare services, with an emphasis on children, youth and families at risk.

The Matanel Foundation readily came on board and dozens of education and welfare facilities were repaired, newly equipped and renovated; new school programs were introduced and implemented; comprehensive support was given to families in need. : five Warm Homes for Teenage Girls in Distress, offering young women at risk a caring and professional after-school framework, were renovated to high-quality standards; 30 schools across the Upper Galilee were converted to the Full School model, extending the school day with learning reinforcement, therapies, enrichment programs, and a hot daily lunch; and emergency relief was given to at-risk families in the form of much-needed and appreciated material aid.

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