Encouraging progress


WAJJED – Growing Communities, Cultivating Inclusion




Guided by Ethiopian-Israeli seniors and their ecological and sustainable knowledge, the project seeks to enhance the mental, physical, social and overall sense of capability among Ethiopian-Israeli seniors. The project will enhance the strength and cohesion of the family unit, fostering stronger intergenerational connections.
Strengthen the bonds within the community;
Contribute to the overall strengthening of Israeli society.


● WAJJED – Growing Communities, Cultivating Inclusion – Cultivating well-being amongst Israeli-Ethiopian seniors of the community by leading an intergenerational community garden.
● MITGALA – Renewal of Ethiopian Women’s Traditional Spaces in israel – highlights common ground through a shared experience, creates a safe, non-judgmental space that allows for familiarity and mutual development.
● ENGLISH ONLINE – Extand Your Roots – Provides permanence and builds a relationship based on openness, empathy and solidarity between Jews from diverse cultures and communities.
● WARKA – ዋርካ – Community Leaders Training Center – provides professional solutions, identifying assets in the community and strengthening their sense of identity and feeling of belonging.
WAJJED – Growing Communities, Cultivating Inclusion is a powerful embodiment of active aging principles and the vitality of Israeli-Ethiopian seniors. It fosters multigenerational connections and cultural heritage preservation within a community garden.
150 Israeli-Ethiopian seniors from 5 localities participate in daily gardening activities, growing healthy organic vegetables for their families using traditional and ecological methods. Through workshops on healthy lifestyles and nutrition, they reinforce their agricultural skills, forming a proud peer group and strengthening community ties.
The program aims to improve participants’ quality of life, well-being, health, family connections, income, occupational opportunities and social mobility.

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