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Vocational Training Program, Hut HaMeshulash


סיום מחזור 13


Hut HaMeshulash was born out of a sense of commitment to helping at-risk teenagers and young adults discover their own special light.

Our vision is based on the belief that “a little bit of light pushes away a lot of darkness”. With love, unconditional acceptance, and a range of physical and psychological support mechanisms, we help young people discover and express their own unique strengths.

We believe that every human being is essentially good at their core, and that everyone, no matter who they are, deserves a fulfilling and dignified life.


The program is rooted in the belief that achieving personal and professional success is a significant milestone in everyone’s life – especially for at-risk young people, who often lack people in their lives who believe in them and have never felt that success to be within their reach.

The program is intended for teenagers and young adults from all over Israel and aims to prepare them for integration into the jobs market, providing a range of tools for empowerment, enrichment, and self-confidence development. The program is based on group sessions, where participants acquire tools and skills to assist them in the jobs market. These include life skills such as teamwork, communication, self-confidence, responsibility, and perseverance; specific knowledge about the jobs market; practical job search skills; resume writing; and preparing for job interviews. Depending on the workshop’s demographic, the group sessions might be supplemented by individual sessions with a social worker to develop a personal program, work on weaknesses, reinforce strengths, and create a tailored Vocational horizon for each participant. Depending on their needs and capabilities, some participants begin a vocational training program of their choice after completing the program, sponsored by Hut HaMeshulash. Others enter the jobs market.

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