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Van Leer Education Conference 2012



The 3rd Van Leer International Education Conference.
The Van Leer Education Conference aims to encourage professional dialogue among educators, academics, representatives of the Third Sector, and policymakers from diverse areas and places in Israel and abroad. The 2012 conference will focus on two concepts that are characteristic of the educational dilemmas of the twenty-first century: regulation and trust. At the conference, the dialogue will take on many forms: international workshops for directors-general of education ministries, teachers and school principals; inter-disciplinary working groups; educational forums; and a symposium open to the public at large.

Our partners, leaders in the education domain, especially that of education policy, include: The Israel Teachers’ Union, Hakol Hinuch Movement, the Mandel Institute, the Avnei Rosha Institute, the Jerusalem Foundation, the Beracha Foundation, and the Trump Foundation. The conference is supported by the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Israel Ministry of Education.



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