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Vacation Group 365 – Jerusalem Hills Therapeutic Centers




The goal of the ‘’Vacation Group’’ project is to create a positive and supportive experience for the children who do not have family to go to over holiday seasons. We invest in exciting and embracing activities so the children can have a sense of vacation while staying on campus.


The Vacation Group 365 includes recreational activities such as going on day trips to National Parks, museums, zoos, visits to the local swimming pool, etc. In addition, activities include on-campus programming such as movie nights, inflatables, and programs with volunteers from all over Israel.
In the past 10 years there has been an increase in the number of children who cannot go home for vacation. We have opened two Vacation Groups- one for the younger children, ages 7-11, and a second for the older children, ages 12-15. Each group has a team of 4 counselors, 1 overnight counselor, a technical aid, and kitchen staff.
The purpose of the program is to provide these children with a variety of fun activities and give the children a sense of vacation while staying on campus. The goal is to ensure that the children will not feel different from their friends who have a home to visit, while also preventing regressions in their emotional state and giving them a sense of belonging and stability.

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