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Ulus Jewish School


  • Ulus Jewish School 2012-2013

  • Ulus Jewish School 2012-2013

  • Ulus Jewish School 2012-2013

  • Ulus Jewish School 2012-2013



“Educating productive individuals in a creative environment.” To educate our students from pre-school to the end of high school and help them to develop into confident, socially responsible young adults with inquisitive minds and a strong sense of identity while giving them the necessary academic foundation to continue to higher education and the skills to compete in a global environment.


The Ulus Jewish Schools provide education for over 600 students ranging from pre-school to the end of high school. In addition to maintaining a high academic standart, the school aims to enhance the intellectual level of its students with a range of electives (entrepreneurship, business, web design, film appreciation etc.), international projects (MUN, exchange programs with foreign schools, participation in international science fairs etc.) and social responsibility projects (MITZVAH Day etc.)

On the science front the school now aims to improve the level of science and math education in the classroom by adding visual and experimental components and apparatus to its biology, chemistry and science laboratories in addition to the theoretical courses taught in the classrooms.

Improving the level of Hebrew is another current goal of the school. Hebrew is taught at the Ulus Jewish schools starting from grade 1. However unlike English, Hebrew is a language that the students are exposed to very little at home or in the media. To improve our students’ Hebrew and fluency in the spoken language, the school has decided to conduct a Hebrew immersion program in the 6th grade (after they have acquired basic Hebrew skills like reading and writing) by means of a three week ulpan experience with half day Hebrew language instruction and half day of activities, cultural tours and recreation.

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