Encouraging progress


Ulpanat Talya – Financial Assistance Scholarships

Jerusalem, Israel



After eight years of specialization in teaching gifted and religious girls and bringing them to outstanding achievements of the exceptional high level, Ulpanat Talya opens its doors also to students with good capabilities and high aspirations, through the new Bina Track, and will enable them to prepare themselves towards a promising future.


Our new track, called Bina, allows the students to prepare themselves to the world of knowledge and future employment through studying the most advanced technology in one of the following tracks: biotechnology, architecture and visual communication. Study of these leading subjects will be done in the highest level of 15 units of study and the Bina graduates will receive a technology diploma as well as a quality high school matriculation diploma of approximately 40 units. During their studies, the students will experience a curriculum that emphasizes 21st century skills, teamwork and project-based learning.

The academic track – Chen, will continue to address outstanding and gifted girls from across the country, while expanding to new audiences from the central region and the northern periphery of Israel. Girls studying in this track, of which enrollment to it for the next school year is very high, are studying for a first degree in Computer Science through the Jerusalem College of Technology or a first degree in Natural and Social Sciences at the Open University. Impressive academic achievements, the development of high learning capabilities and personality development of young religious, serious and responsible girls, opens the doors for our graduates towards a promising future.

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