Encouraging progress


The Urban Academy project




The Urban Academy strives to promote a learning society, one that enables its individuals to fulfill their true potential by means of lifelong development. This will result in better utilization of human capital, stronger communities, increased levels of solidarity, and a more robust economy. The urban academy is an educational framework that extends beyond the classroom walls, redefining the roles of teachers and students and where learning lasts a lifetime.


The urban academy turns an entire city with its human, social, and corporate resources to a limitless learning environment. It promotes community involvement and mutual responsibility trough sharing practical and advanced knowledge between the city’s residents.

In practice, it offers courses and workshops, in a variety of subjects all of which are taught by and for city residents, providing them with skills and tools required to effectively meet the 21 century’s challenges. All urban academy lessons take place in unique urban centers such as such shops, synagogues, factories, museums, restaurants, cafes, and more.

The urban Academy pilot will operate in Bat Yam and will span over 5-month period, beginning mid-January 2020. The pilot’s courses will focus on the following subject areas: Culture and Art; Law and Rights; Science and Technology; Management and Economy. For instance, courses will be given on topics such as “Digital currencies and their influence on financial markets”, “Advanced tools for Online marketing”, and “Repossession – rights and duties”.

The lessons will take place in public locations in Bat Yam, such as the Bat Yam Museum, the Bat Yam City Hall, and the Bat Yam Cultural Center and more.

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