Encouraging progress


The Upper Galilee Leadership Institute


תמונה מכינה


The overall aim of the program is to develop value-oriented leaders that can guide Israel to a better tomorrow. For this purpose, we have developed a unique educational framework that offers young high-school graduates, men and women alike, a rare opportunity – a yearlong break from the rush of life to concentrate on developing their Jewish and Israeli identity, their character and abilities, in order to take action towards self-fulfillment and a better society.


The Upper Galilee Social Leadership Institute offers a unique educational framework and an opportunity for motivated individuals to immerse themselves in a process of personal development through a combination of studies, trips, volunteering, communal living, and leadership.


The curriculum includes studies in a classroom setting, task-oriented assignments, personal inquiry, and cultural interactions. The courses are taught on a high academic level by professional lecturers. The students are active partners to the curriculum decisions and teaching. The institute emphasizes exposing students to a range of views which are examined in depth with respect for all beliefs.


Educational excursions include hiking, navigation, visiting communities, getting to know Israel by foot through memorable experiences, and obtaining a deeper understanding of ourselves via self-reflection and observation of our behavior when we step out of our comfort zone.


Volunteering is a key pillar of the institute. Students volunteer both individually on a weekly basis, and as a group on projects that benefit the community.

Communal Living

The program allows students to grow individually as well as develop as a group. The dilemmas that arise provide opportunities for students to deal with issues on their own in a mature manner. The students live in the institute dormitory, a setting in which they can build a rich, varied cultural and social lifestyle.


Leadership is a main focus of the program and students are involved on all levels of the administration and organization. Their administrative committees and general assembly meet weekly. Under the professional guidance of the institute staff, students develop their abilities to be the leaders of tomorrow.

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