Encouraging progress


The Social Nursery


    המשתלה ביערה-


Our work is founded upon the belief in the reciprocal
rapport between the individual and nature. It is through this
unique dynamic that we propose a model of dual rehabilitation,
that of the individual and earth itself.


“Ya’ara — a place to grow” is a nonprofit organization that creates
and runs a social food forest in moshav Kidron at the center of
Israel. The forest serves as a space of connection between man
and earth, operating alongside an organic Nursery. The latter has
been specifically designed for the growing plants for vegetable
gardens and food forests, cultivation of fruit trees, pioneer trees,
shrubs, spices and herbs.
Our flagship program is ‘The Social Nursery’, a unique
rehabilitative project operated in collaboration with Gvanim
association. The nursery assists people with mental disabilities
and special needs to integrate into vocational frameworks in the
field of ecological gardening.

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