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The Siddur Project


    beit tefilah israeli


The Siddur Project will make an engaging, meaningful, inclusive, and authentically Jewish Israeli daily Siddur accessible to Jewish communities in Israel and beyond; it is ‘essential infrastructure’ to support the sustained growth of Jewish spiritual renewal and pluralism in Israel, and to engage more unaffiliated Israelis in new and innovative shared Israeli-Jewish frameworks.


Guiding principles: The set of organizing values that will guide operations

  • The Siddur will interweave cultural, poetic, liturgical, philosophical, and musical elements that engage with the traditional texts alongside texts that express difficulty and explore universal themes. It will include tefilot and ceremonies for personal and community lifecycle events, passages, and milestones, such as the beginning of summer vacation and army recruitment. It will be multi-layered with rich graphics; the design will be accessible and reflect a clear textual hierarchy.
  • The Siddur Project will leverage BTI’s 15 years of experience as an organization convening more than 270 meaningful Jewish commemorations every year, selecting the most resonant content from a ‘treasure trove’ of rich material that we continuously enrich and fine-tune to balance old and new, traditional and current, and particular and universal.

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