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The Shekel daycare center for elderly with special needs, Israel


photo facade Shekel


SHEKEL envisions a society in which full inclusion exists for people with physical, intellectual, and emotional disabilities in every facet of life.


SHEKEL is Israel’s largest non-profit organization enabling comprehensive inclusion for all people with special needs in the general community, irrespective of race, religion, national or ethnic origin. SHEKEL provides independent community housing, vocational rehabilitation and specialized professional training, cultural and leisure activities, accessibility solutions, an extended school day program in special education kindergartens and schools, and therapeutic treatment for special-needs victims of sexual violence. SHEKEL annually cares for over 8,000 children and adults with physical, emotional and intellectual disabilities from all sectors of Israeli society.

Matanel is currently working with SHEKEL to implement a new employment-oriented daily framework for elderly citizens with special needs. The program will help prevent decline in their daily functioning, and enable them to reach their highest potential.

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