Encouraging creativity and culture


The School for Contemporary-Traditional Arts




We aspire to be an influential force in society and to shake the outdated perception of cultural heritage as an archival item frozen in time, presenting it instead as a continuous movement shaped by young creators who delve into the study of their traditions and those of local communities. By bringing these traditions together with the inherent set of values, from the margins to the mainstream heart of Israeli society, we harness the immense power of cultural heritage in addressing today’s social challenges.


The School for Contemporary-Traditional Arts in Yeruham was established five years ago as part of the Kulna organization’s efforts to preserve and promote the heritage of Jewish communities from eastern countries. The school operates in collaboration with the “Cultural Studies, Creativity and Production” department of Sapir College.

The school is a unique institution situated in the heart of the desert town of Yeruham. It offers a fresh perspective on the relationship between tradition and modernity in cultural creation and heritage. Inspired by the diverse fabric of Negev communities and the natural wonders of the enchanting desert landscape, the school seeks to illuminate the preserved knowledge, interweave the old and the new, and view the local cultural heritage as valuable resources for contemporary content and creation. We believe that maintaining a connections to our roots and fostering creativity are tools for understanding cultural depth, forging connections, and promoting socio-economic development.

The school provides bachelor degree and certificate programs in two tracks: “Eastern Music” and “Traditional Arts.” These programs aim to train young, engaged, creative, and proactive artists in Israeli culture. The school aspires to be an influential and receptive force, facilitating dynamic interactions between students and the community.

The curriculum is captivating and multicultural, encompassing academic studies, professional training in arts or music, social entrepreneurship, and community engagement. Emphasizing a high level of professionalism, innovative learning approaches, access to renowned masters, and the acquisition of practical skills for career development, the school offers opportunities for entrepreneurship, social activism, and a unique academic environment.

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