Encouraging progress


The pre-army program at Aloney Yitzchak in memory of first sergeant Jordan Ben Simon

Bnei Zion



Mechinat Bnei-Zion views the integration of students from the social periphery in the Mechina program as an essential national task.

We believe in the students will be agents and leaders of change within their homes and communities, as the program will provide them with tools for personal-empowerment and integration into the IDF and civilian society, and will assist in closing the social gaps in Israeli society.


The program is aimed at young men, arriving from difficult socio-economic backgrounds, and mostly from boarding schools and youth villages. This unique population requires a program tailored to its needs. This program will bridge the students’ educational, emotional and social gaps, thus allowing the program’s graduates to take up a meaningful and significant role in the IDF and Israeli society at large.
Throughout the ten-month program the students will undergo through a personal a group growth-process, will undertake diverse Zionist and Israeli studies, will get aquatinted and connected to the Jewish and Israeli society, and will prepare themselves physically and mentally to towards their military service.
The program’s goals are:
1. The formulation of the strong Zionist, Jewish and ethical identity of the program’s students.
2.  The development of a committed leadership, through education to social action, and responsibility and commitment to the State of Israel amongst all social groups.
3. The preparation of your from underprivileged backgrounds to a meaningful IDF service and for future contribution to Israeli society.
4. Personal empowerment of the program’s students.

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