Encouraging progress


Mechina of the Northern Negev Oz Shlomo

Kiryat Malachi, Israel



The Mechina Program of the Northern Negev – Kirayt Malachi was established with the goal of creating a revolution in education and values among graduates of state high schools in the peripheries and poor neighborhoods.

Though our students start from a very low starting point, by the end of the year they develop and transformed into idealistic, values-driven young men who seek to contribute to others and to their country.


The pillars of the educational approach at the Mechina are its educational staff, support system, individual counseling, listening ear and family-like atmosphere.

The study program in the Mechina is unique and adapted to our target population, and this is a critical asset. We invest in offering alternatives and options throughout the course of the day so that each individual can find areas of study that interest him so he will be motivated to advance in those subjects.

While many of our students arrive at the Mechina without motivation to serve their country; in the program they undergo a major transformation, and at the end of the year they enter the IDF enthusiastically, ready to give of themselves in a meaningful way.

The IDF preparation project consists of regular classes, talks by motivating, inspiring IDF personnel, and experiential activities to foster leadership, physical fitness, hand to hand combat skills, study of Israel’s military history, and special study-trips to places of historic and military importance.

Because of the importance of its mission, the leadership of the Mechina made a decision to do the utmost so that no student wishing to enroll in the program will be rejected because of his family’s inability to pay full tuition.

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