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The Matanel Prize in Education


  • The Matanel Prize in Education 2013

  • The Matanel Prize in Education 2013



The Matanel Prize for Education will be awarded by The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute to an individual who can show evidence of successfully combining educational theory with practical experience in the field of education. It is expected that the prize laureate will serve as an inspiration for other educators. The award will be awarded in 2013 for the first time.


The aim of the Matanel Prize in Education is to identify an individual whose educational practice has produced theoretical insights and who wishes to share these with others in order to bolster public trust in educational activity and to advance education in Israel. The Matanel Prize in Education will be awarded to an Israeli citizen up to 45 years of age with at least 10 years’ experience in educational activity. The prize laureate will be a person active in formal or informal education who has made a significant contribution to Israeli society, especially to weakened population groups. He or she will have combined theoretical and practical aspects of education through one or more of the following: combining academic research with practical work in education; grounding education activity in theoretical knowledge; generating new theoretical knowledge based upon practical educational activity and disseminating this knowledge. The Prize of $25,000 will be administered by the National Center for Strategic Thinking in Education at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute and will be awarded annually thanks to the generosity of the Matanel Foundation.

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