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The Matanel Nutrition Center

Democratic Republic of Congo

    Matanel Nutrition Center DRC (7)


To end malnutrition in eastern Congo. To ensure that no child in eastern Congo dies or suffers from severe malnutrition, which is a curable disease that directly results from extreme poverty.


The Matanel Nutrition Center is located in the village of Mululu, in the Kabare district of South Kivu Province, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. The Center includes a farm that produces spirulina (a “superfood” that is a type of micro-algae, well-known for its nutritional values and efficacy in curing malnutrition) and other highly nutritious crops, and a health center, which treats approximately 160 malnourished children on a daily basis. The malnourished children who attend the center daily receive highly nutritious spirulina biscuits and ongoing nutritional-medical supervision to ensure they remain healthy and do not fall back into malnutrition. The center also refers children who suffer from malnutrition-related diseases to treatment at local hospitals and health centers as necessary. The center continues to expand and to support more and more malnourished children and their families. The center has shown unprecedented results in treating and curing malnutrition, and long-term health support for malnourished children.

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