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The Matanel Library in Nabugoya


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The Abuyadaya community is a Jewish community settled in rural Uganda that leads an observant Jewish lifestyle while co-existing with their Christian and Muslim neighbors. Like everyone in the region, the vast majority of the population is extremely poor. We are establishing a spirulina nutrition center that will answer the nutritional needs. In addition, we would like to answer the spiritual and intellectual needs of the community, as they have been conveyed to us: books. The community center is in Nabugoya village, where there is a Synagogue and a school, but besides Bibles there are no books, not even schoolbooks.


In addition to the nutritional needs of the community, the library will answer the loftier needs as they have been conveyed to us by our partners. The school principal and the community Rabbi have spoken to us about their desire to expand the students’ opportunity to learn in general and specifically to learn modern, and not only Biblical Hebrew. The Matanel Library will be built in the community center but in accordance with the community philosophy that stresses sharing and co-existence it will be open to the whole village – Jews, Muslims and Christians. The library will be a space in which one will have access to Hebrew and English books for children and adults, fiction and non-fiction and schoolbooks. As physical difficulties can pose a true challenge in the path of spiritual and intellectual pursuit we will include a small snack for those who come to read, and menstrual pads (reusable) for the girls who without them miss school days every month.

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