Encouraging creativity and culture


The Matanel–Bar Ilan Center for the Study of French Jewish Thought Dept. of Jewish Philosophy


עמנואל לוינס - תמונה רוני סומק


“Matanel Bar Ilan” – Study of French Jewish Thought : Home for research and teaching, creativity and culture in Israel as a continuation of the cultural efflorescence and Jewish renewal – “The Paris school.” At the heart of the programs’ activities: a broad audience of educated people, interested young people, in order to stimulate contemporary writing, creativity and cultural activity that integrates humanistic ethical commitment with Jewish cultural commitment


The Center’s Activities

As a base for the study of French Jewish thought, the program will:

  • encourage, dissertations and other research and writing in the field, at the level of Ph.D. students and post-doctoral students. This will include encouraging the study of Continental philosophy and attention to Jewish thought, religion and culture in the broadest sense,
  • assemble groups of scholars for discussion and research, with a variety of emphases, for the purpose of encouraging the study of French Jewish thought
  • serve as the base for scholars, academics, and intellectuals from the Francophone world and from the French Jewish world on one hand and figure from Hebrew and Israeli humanities and culture on the other, and
  • engage in and support the teaching of French Jewish thought, by constructing courses dedicated specifically to that field, and sponsor series of gatherings and lectures that will offer the general public opportunities to familiarize themselves with the Paris school and with French Jewish thought in general


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