Matanel awards


The Matanel Award for Tikkun Olam @ Reichman University


    רייכמן תארים 2023


Tikkun Olam is an ancient Jewish concept, representing the aspiration to reform and improve our world. It articulates not only goodwill and commitment to a life of giving but also a strong consciousness of solidarity, accountability and partnership. These values stand in the core of Israeli society and are also a stipulation for the continuation and prosperity of the Israeli state.


The Matanel Award for Tikkun Olam, on behalf of the Reichman University and Matanel Foundation, seeks to acclaim private individuals who chose to dedicate their energy, abilities, and resources to achievements toward Tikkun Olam and social justice
The award, for a sum of $12,500, will be awarded once every two years for two people who envisioned, initiated and created a sustainable social entrepreneurship designed to improve the quality of life, tolerance, solidarity, equality and democracy in Israel.
The award’s goal is to encourage social entrepreneurship, innovative thinking, imagination, and creativity, all based upon a nationwide world-view and concern for the other.

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