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The Matanel Art Workshop, Akim-Jerusalem


Akim Jerusalem


The vision of AKIM-Jerusalem’s Art Program is to enable intellectually and developmentally disabled people to express themselves creatively and share their art with family, friends and the community at large. The program empowers the artists and and makes the experience of public art inclusive and meaningful for all.


The main purpose of AKIM-Jerusalem’s Art Program is to encourage intellectually and developmentally disabled adults to express themselves through the creation of works of art (painting, ceramics, and crafts). Immersion in the making of art offers freedom and self­expression for all individuals, and makes a vital contribution to the health and well-being of adults with disabilities, who cope with varied challenges, limitations and frustrations in spheres ranging from speech and cognitive functioning to varied tasks of daily living. Creating art boosts the capacity of individuals -to independently express themselves and be stimulated by creative activity;- enhance fine-motor and tactile skills, -to create a lasting work of art that is a source of pride, and – each individual shares his/her artistic creations with family, friends, and the community at large. The Program meets an important need to overcome the social and emotional isolation that is often the outcome of intellectual challenges and physical frailty. Since people with intellectual disabilities age more rapidly than their normative peers, they cope with the frailties of advanced age as early as their 50’s.

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