Encouraging creativity and culture


The Jerusalem Greenhouse for Artists, Matanel Fellows


Avira by Tohar Lev Jacobson


Musrara School’s vision, over the years, has been the encouragement for excellence of its students, graduates and alumni combined with the strengthening of Israeli society and promotion of pluralism while empowering various marginalized populations through means of art and culture.

We believe that training artists, post their graduation from art school, as social leaders and activists, while using their talents and abilities, will eventually lead to the social change Israel deserves.

Building a model training artists and providing them with the adequate tool box that will simultaneously train them to easily manage themselves in the business oriented art world while leading to the growth of new and creative forces in the various communities, will provide a golden path to a creative processes and will extend visual and artistic literacy upon its beneficiaries.


A one year program for 20 participants- Art school’s alumni. During the meetings courses of advancement will be taught such as the structure of the current local art world, finance, fund raising, curating, entrepreneurship and such, in addition to practical activities here in Musrara, as leading artist and entrepreneurs.

The program will create a network of artistic social leadership and will lead to the production of works and future collaboration. It will provide the participants with a tool box of preparation for the business world they are entering.

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