Encouraging progress


The Hannaton Mechina, Israel


קבלת שבת2


Our mission is to help young Jewish Israeli men and women better understand their place in Israel as Jews and as citizens of a democratic state, to encourage them to open their minds and their hearts to others and to embrace the Jewish values of volunteerism and community involvement, so they can become leaders who will work towards a more tolerant and pluralistic Israel.


The activities in the Mechina include:

Traditional learning in a beit midrash environment with a focus on Jewish and Zionist sources.

Experiential learning, including travel, hikes, special seminars and workshops

“Mifgashim” or meetings with youth from a range of communities and backgrounds, including meetings between Israeli and diaspora Jews as well as between Jews, Bedouins and Moslems.

Activities within the programs that allow participants to practice Jewish leadership including self-governance, volunteer work and social change projects led by the participants.

Community building, both within the small program group and while engaging with the larger Hannaton community


Increasing participants’ understanding of Jewish Zionist text and thought

A greater sense of connection and obligation to the Jewish world

Development of a more pluralistic and open-minded Israeli-Jewish worldview

Development of leadership skills and the desire to be agents of change.

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