Encouraging progress


The Hachmey Lev Educational Campus




Hachmey Lev is an innovative Yeshiva High School for mainstream, ultra-orthodox (Haredi) boys aged between 13-18 years, and leads to a high-quality Israeli matriculation certificate. Graduates will be well positioned to pursue academic qualifications and ultimately enroll in the workforce as productive and economically self-sufficient citizens.


Hachmey Lev offers a curriculum consisting of 53 weekly hours of instruction; 32 are devoted to Talmud and 21 are devoted to the study of mathematics, Hebrew language, history, science, English, civics and sport. Classes in ninth through 12 grade run from 07:30 to 21:30 Sundays through Thursdays, and from 07:30 to noon on Fridays.
Hachmey Lev offers additional tutoring in mathematics, English language, and science administered by professional teachers during the afternoon hours and offered in groups of three to four students each. Tutoring focused on the material that the students are covering at that time in their general studies classes.
The school year is 47 weeks, and follows the same yearly cycle as a classical Yeshiva.
Scholastic performance of the students is monitored regularly by the Hachmey Lev home room teachers and the school principal.
Educational field trips to Israeli heritage sites, museums, cultural institutions and hiking in nature will be offered to all students as part of the general curriculum, as will weekly enrichment in sports, chess, graphology and music to introduce them to modern Israel and widen their horizons.

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