Encouraging progress


The Gal Leadership Academy / Bnei Tzion – Alonei Itzhak




To educate towards a model society, bearing Jewish and Israeli identities, whose people are capable and motivated to take action and take responsibility for their actions.


Following the Nahal Tzafit tragedy and the decision of Bnei Tzion not to open the Mechina in 2018-19, 22 participants of the Alonei Itzhak branch of the mechina were left with no structure for next year.

Ma’ase decided to adopt the Alonei Itzhak branch, since the contents, values and the population we address are similar. In spite of the difficulties of deciding on this move only a couple of months before the beginning of the year, Ma’ase took the challenge.

The Gal Leadership Academy is a yearlong education and volunteering program for high-school graduates from Israel’s socio-geographic periphery, in preparation for their military service. Gal’s participants, 120 young men and women, live, study and volunteer in 4 urban campuses, in disadvantaged neighborhoods in Acre, Kiryat Bialik and Haifa. Ma’ase’s paradigm is based on international studies that show volunteerism to be effective in promoting socio-economic mobility among underprivileged youth.

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